Benefits of working with an existing House Plan from Geschke Group Architecture

I wanted to offer a little bit more information on the benefits of working with an Existing plan.  While we specialize in custom home plans, Geschke Group Architecture offers the ability to purchase existing plans to use “As is”….or modify the plans to create new home plan based on these existing House plans.  Working with, or starting from, existing house plans offers a multitude of benefits for individuals looking to build their dream home. Firstly, it provides a sense of reassurance and confidence knowing that the plans have already been successfully implemented and tested.  This can save valuable time and effort in the design and planning phase as the plans have already undergone scrutiny and adjustments to ensure functionality and efficiency. Additionally, working with existing house plans often results in cost savings as the plans have already been optimized for construction and can help avoid costly design errors or changes. The House plans are complete and Geschke Group Architecture can provide a review Bid set for your builder to run some preliminary numbers to make sure your budget covers the proposed plans.  In addition, existing house plans provide a blueprint for inspiration and customization, allowing homeowners to make modifications and personalize the design to suit their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s adjusting room sizes, adding extra features, incorporating sustainable elements or working with existing house plans provides a solid foundation while still allowing for creativity and flexibility. Overall, the benefits of working with existing house plans include time and cost efficiencies, proven functionality and the ability to create a tailored living space all at an overall reduced cost.

If you are looking to design a home but are in a time crunch or pressed on budget, then searching through Geschke Group House Plans may be a great Option.  Feel free to reach out and we’d love to send you more information.  See below for an example of a house plan that you can search from our Plan database of about 700 plans.

(Austin, Texas based Architecture firm, Geschke Group Architecture, is an award-winning firm that specializes in Custom Luxury home designs that cater to the Texas Hill Country,  Ranch properties, Golf courses & Lakefront Resort style homes…so pretty much Texas in general.  We design site-specific designs for High -end communities as well as offer existing plans via our online House Plan search function.  We call Austin our home and Love living, working and designing in Texas…..we’re lucky to be here.)