About Us

Geschke Group Architecture is a national award-winning firm based in Austin, Texas. We are a small practice dedicated to creating exceptional architecture and providing our clients with personal service, professional guidance and honest commitment. We specialize in custom residential projects and are focused on creating designs that are not only livable and elegant, but also designed intelligently, efficiently and with the owners needs in mind. With each project, we strive to interpret our client’s vision and inspirations to create a unique, authentic, and timeless design that completely embodies the expectations of “home.”

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide accurate and thorough construction documents that result in a seamless and uncomplicated construction phase. Our process will take you from preliminary design to construction in easy steps, breaking down the project into manageable portions that will make the process easier, enjoyable and stress-free.  We welcome and encourage the opportunity to work with a general contractor or interior designer during the design process. We realize that a close collaboration within the team of Owner, Contractor and Architect is paramount to a successful project.

Most importantly, we love and are passionate about our work. We enjoy the personal, collaborative, and long-term relationships that we form with each of our clients. We also want to stress that we do not come to the table with an agenda and we strongly believe that each project should be a reflection of the owner’s needs, not the architect’s. Because of the varied projects we are exposed to, we are also not known for a particular type of architecture. We take pride in each and every project that leaves our office, and once part of your team, we are committed to making your project a complete success.

Kai Geschke

bio2Kai grew up in Europe, spent many formative years in the Far East, and was lucky enough to finally settle in Austin, Texas. Having been exposed to various cultures with incredible architectural inspirations, he has influences that are truly unique and foster exceptional creativity.

Tomas Mascorro

tm-2With over 25 years of professional experience in Central Texas, Tomas has worked in multiple custom residential projects for private clients, builder spec, and builder personal homes. Living, working, and studying abroad, has taught him that the best solutions come from exploring potential alternatives with an open-mind.


Experience in achieving the results you want is the most critical aspect of why Geschke Group is a leading architecture firm in Austin. With over 30 years of experience, Kai Geschke has the knowledge to design, coordinate, and lead your project to completion. Experience is what allows us to design exceptional projects, to recognize problems, and subsequently to offer effective, intelligent, and attractive solutions. Predicting potential problems early, whether design, re-sale, financial, technical, or site issues is another essential key to saving money, time, and frustration for our clients.


Geschke Group Architecture has been recognized on a national level for award-winning design. As an experienced Austin architecture firm, we have been repeatedly sought out to design local Parade of Homes, and several of our designs have been selected as the Showpiece for High End Community marketing campaigns. Local builders recognize us for our consistent quality and value of work, and it comes as no surprise that we have designed many builders’ personal homes. In addition, we have received national attention, as we were selected to be the Architect for the Texas Southern Living Showcase Home in 2013.

Design & Creativity

Creativity lies at the heart of our firm. It is what drives our designs and allows us to look at solutions in fresh and innovative ways. Our ability to harness that creativity into Architectural design incorporates all the “pieces of the puzzle”. Translating our clients’ ideas and goals, integrating codes and visual inspirations, responding to programming, and budgeting it all into an aesthetic and intelligent design has been the backbone of our success. Great design is the culmination of our creativity, talent, experience, education and passion.

Value, Quality & Technical Expertise

Nobody likes to waste money, and we all strive to find a great deal. The key is to find an architect that has the right balance of quality vs. cost that correlates with your priorities. We recognize the importance of achieving this balance, and we know that our success is directly related to creating exceptional value with our services and products. In Austin, we know that we are only as good as our last project, and that is why we treat every project with a high commitment to quality. The thoroughness of our construction documents comes from our process of multiple levels of reviews with extensive plan checklists.

While Design is the “art” aspect of architecture, creating accurate, “buildable” and thorough Construction Documents (CD’s) is the “science” aspect of architecture. Using CAD and 3D modeling programs allows us to realistically illustrate construction conditions, foresee potential problems, and accurately communicate ideas and details. Our CD’s are clear, organized, and efficient, and we recognize that mistake-free CD’s lead to a seamless and stress-free construction process. Please ask for our builder references, and we are proud to state that we repeatedly receive compliments from builders and sub-contractors alike on the accuracy and quality of our Construction Documents.

Types of Projects

Being a 7 person firm allows us the ability to easily adapt to various styles of homes and projects.  We’re very familiar with urban projects in downtown Austin and the unique requirements to maneuver a project through the city review process successfully.  We’ve completed duplexes, Condos, speculative investment projects and of course single family homes all over the city of Austin.  At the same time, we’ve also designed many projects in the Hill Country where the setting is rural and the properties are expansive.  We’ve enjoyed designing Hill Country Homes that are inspired by timeless European Farmhouses or Old world Texas Hill Country cottages, as well as Luxury Ranch homes that find their home on large Ranchlands around Fredericksburg and the surrounding Hill Country.

Character & Conduct

We love what we do, passionately enjoy our work, and we will work hard to maintain our success and great standing in Central Texas. Being local Austin architects, we have a great reputation at stake both professionally and personally, and we know that word travels fast in our community. We will act ethically, honestly, and professionally in all matters of our business and personal life. We are proud of our work, and truly believe that putting good things out will bring good things back to us.

And Finally….Choosing the Right Architect

We look at each project as a huge financial investment on your part, and we strive to be the best advisor and partner for your project. We think of hiring an architect the same as hiring a Financial Advisor investing thousands of your dollars in a mutual fund. Would you hire someone with little experience to invest your money? Choosing the right architect is paramount to a great investment, and we recognize the factors required to achieve your goals.