Our Approach

We start each project by listening.  Our goal is to fully understand your vision and ideas and work together to create a Design that responds efficiently and intelligently to your ideas.  We want to understand your sense of aesthetics, your objectives, obstacles and limitations and in turn provide the critical feedback necessary to make the decisions that are best for you.

We do not come to the table with an agenda and strongly believe that each Project should be a reflection of the Owner’s needs, not the Architect’s. We want to make the process enjoyable for you, easy and efficient for the Builder and everyone involved. Our goal is to create a successful & beautiful project, one that you will love and are thrilled with.


The key to good communication is listening carefully and interpreting our clients’ wants and inspirations to create a unique, functional and intelligent design that responds to all of our clients’ requirements. Knowing which questions to ask, and how and when to communicate ideas and solutions with you, the builder, or other consultants are paramount to a successful project. We have the expertise to communicate and discuss complex conditions with the general contractor, framers, plumbers, and countless other trades that are critically involved in your project.

Collaboration & Team Approach

We work as a team and encourage the input from the contractor, interior designer, engineer and other consultants. We do not assume for a second that we know more about your lifestyle than you do, and we recognize that ideas from a collective group will yield a much more well-thought-out project. We seek to be a team player, bringing experience, great design and ideas to the table without a personal agenda of our own. You will be working with the same people from the onset of the project to completion, and that ensures that each of our staff is intimately familiar with your project, its history, progress and decisions that have shaped it.  Knowing a design’s history is essential to making the right decisions in the future and keeping these decisions consistent with your goals.

Commitment & Follow-Through

We are committed to the success of your project from the conception of your dreams to the day you move in, and even for years to come after that. We make it a point to stay in contact with you and the general contractor during construction. We regularly schedule site visits to observe progress and communicate any issues that we observe with the general contractor and you. In case of issues, we will be readily available to diagnose the issue, find a solution, and get us back on schedule.

Green Building

For us, being educated in green building means not only being very familiar with the multitude of “green” options, products, materials, and assemblies that are available to you, but also how they are used, and which ones make sense for certain projects. Choosing one “green” option over another to result in the maximum savings is an important experience to bring to the table. We strive to stay current with new “green” products, latest technologies, and all matters pertaining to creating an energy-efficient, healthy, and “earth friendly” home.