Options to a FULL CUSTOM Design….. Try a Plan Search of an existing Plan.

Well…..If  you started looking for House plans and are finding that the “Custom” design route is just too expensive, I am sure you’ve tried looking for existing “Stock” plans online.  And, I am sure you’ve come across multiple sites that offer thousands of plans and you figured out real quick that these designs just don’t belong in Texas.  Don’t get discouraged…….We have an option for you!

A little bit about us……We are an Austin based Architecture firm specializing in Texas Regional Architecture, specifically Hill Country and Modern farmhouses, authentic Italian and Mediterranean style homes and High-end Luxury Estate homes.

If you do not require a specific “one of a kind” solution to your home, then we have an option that may work really well for you…… and that is working with an existing plan from our CUSTOM DESIGN COLLECTION.  While most of our projects are Site specific custom designs, we also sell some of the plans we have already designed (that don’t have exclusivity on them) and these are perfect when time is of the essence and/or you are looking for a more cost-effective solution to finding a Great House plan.  The beauty of this is that all the Designs already have complete Construction Documents and we just need to make revisions, if any at all.  Our website has the functionality to search all of our available plans by Square footage, size or style.

Working with a plan from our Custom Design Collection is a lot more cost effective than drawing a plan from scratch (Custom design) since there is so much less work involved and the overall process is also “usually” significantly faster.  We probably have about 500 plans in various SF ranges, styles and layouts to choose from and some may fit your needs perfectly…..or may just require a few minor modifications to make them work.

While we sell these pre-designed existing plans, we just don’t have 10,000 of them like you see on a lot of “plan factory” websites.  Most of our work is in Texas and as such our designs tend to lend themselves very well to Texas Regional architecture.  Here is the difference with our plans.  Since we are a full service Architecture firm that specializes in High-end custom design, our plans tend to be much more unique, attractive and the construction documents are very detailed, thorough and professional.  In addition, we support our plans so if there is an issue you can call a registered Architect for help.  For example, if your builder calls you up and says “Hey, the framer made a mistake or someone “messed up” and we don’t know how to fix it”, then I am here to try and help fix the problem and get us back on track.  The nice thing is that most of the plans have been built before so I know there are no issues and in some cases you can even see pictures of the house that I can send…..and/or possible see from google earth, etc.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll send you a link to access our Plan Search and Plan database for House plans.  Our Plan Search database is not available to the Public due to copyright concerns and exclusivity, but just contact us and let us know who you are……..we’d love to get you access to view the plans.

Thanks so much.   Just call us at 512-502-8484 to get started or email us at  Hello@geschkegroup.com